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Are You Ready for Peace of Mind?

There’s no reason to hide when you’re lagging behind or don’t want to admit to someone that you don’t even have a financial plan. Whatever vision you have for your financial future, there is help, hope and guidance.

Judy Vanden Bos, B.Comm, CFP®, F.Pl. – will work with you to achieve your financial goals, manage your money, and make life better.

A Need to Plan

Buying a Home

Having a Child



Whether you are buying a home, having your first child, going through a divorce, looking ahead to retirement or dealing with a recent death…these life events require financial planning.It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, married, widowed, retired, or just starting out, if you earn money you need to plan.


What is it? Judy has access to a vast assortment of insurance products. She works with Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Health and Dental and Travel coverage.

Why do you need insurance?
  Insurance is meant to give people a measure of protection, at least financially, in the event that life throws you a curveball. While we can’t prevent these things from happening, we can opt to give ourselves some form of financial protection.


Judy’s process is straight forward and involves a thorough discovery about you as an investor. She looks at how you have invested in the past. She considers your risk tolerance, goals, objectives and time horizon and works with you to plan for a financially healthy retirement.

Consulting Services

If you are looking for an objective second opinion on your current financial situation, a la carte planning is available.


Not just a plan. To compliment her financial planning, Judy offers a wide variety of Financial Products. As a Financial Security Advisor and Financial Planner, Judy offers truly unbiased advice regarding what product and what product provider is right for you.


Demystifying the Role of the Financial Planner – We’re here to help you!

Having a financial plan is a vital part of anyone’s future. With a financial plan you can take the guesswork out of what you have. You’ll be able to balance what you need with your personal goals for the future and you’ll have a financial cushion when unexpected expenses crop up.


Judy Vanden Bos understands that bringing all your statements to a financial planner and actually sitting together to plan your finances can be overwhelming. She has seen people who don’t want to deal with their situation become frustrated with their finances but once they start the process Judy helps them feel powerful about their financial decisions.


Judy recognizes and respects that everyone’s economic situations are ever-changing depending on their current personal and professional situation. Judy really listens to grasp what her clients need so she can guide them toward fully-informed choices that are unique to them.


Her clients have said her number one strength is that she listens and is a sounding board for others. This is because she makes informed and personal connections with clients to match them with the right financial security products and services for them.


As an objective and trusted independent advisor, she is able to bring Clarity and Peace of Mind to individuals or families.


Together, you will sort through the complexities and chart a course that is personalized to you and your family. Judy’s 20+ years qualify her as a trusted financial planner :

KMS Pico

  • Certified Financial Planner®  (CFP®)
  • Financial Planner (F.Pl.)
  • Financial Security Advisor


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